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Vogue March 15 1947 Made-to-Order Collections Salvador Dali Bryans Schiaparelli


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668 Grams




American Vogue May 15,1947. Cover: Strong colour dashed with black. The simplest idiom - simply Valentina. Shirt in red wool, wrapped to the back. Skirt in straight blue wool. The black: beret, bandana, the gloves. The jut of gold and diamonds from Cartier. Photo by Horst.

Editor: Jessica Daves
Art Director: Alexander Liberman
Art Editor: Priscilla Peck

Made-to-Order Collections and Other Fashions
-Vogue's eye views of Paris Collections-Full-colour sketches -radioed from Paris - first time for this new technique of overseas transmission-further report April 1 Vogue.
-Paris Collections - first impression. Piquet, Jacques Fath,Lelong, Schiaparelli, Paulette, Perugia, Balmain, and Molyneux
-American made-to-order collections
Henri Bendel. Photo of Count Rene Bouet-Willaumez. With illustration
by artist Count Rene Bouet Willaumez
Bergdorf Goodman. Photo of Carl Eric. With illustrations by
Carl Erickson
Elizabeth Arden; Jay Thorpe; Milgrim
Hattie Carnegie. Artist Rene Bouche. With illustration by Rene Bouche.
Sophie of Saks Fifth Avenue
Stein & Blaine; Falkenstein
-An American summer-print folio
Fashions photographed against background by Eugene Berman.
Berman can focus his full talent not only on painting but on creating
theatre illustion. In his recent one-man show, The Theatre of Eugene \
Berman, at the Museum of Modern Art, his stage sets showed the richness
of the seventeenth-century translated into a romantic eleven Berman
settings, small gouaches blown up to giant size, uses them as backgrounds
for the photographs. Photo by Balkin. Fashions by: Traina-Norell, Wilson
Folmar, Adele Simpson, Andre d'Aulan, Ben Reig, Rose Barrack, Herbert
Sondheim, Joseph Halpert.
-Fashion for suede - MIss Sandra Payson in country-limits leather-suede
-What looks new -John-Frederics, a milliner experiments with halftones
in lipstick and powders.
-New length - new pink; new length -new blue-Fashion by Adele Simpson and
Cecil Chapman. Jewel by John Rubel.
-Ferragamo shoes - back in America
-Pearl bib revival - La Tausca
-Spring round-up of fashion -Fashion by Capri, William Bass, Herbert
Sondheim, Foxbrownie, Mollie Parnis, Adele Simpson, Brigance, Larry
Aldrich, Izod of London, Paul Parnes
-Spring - around you face - 17 new hats. Turban, pillbox, tilt-bonnet,
side-swept bicorne, rollers with ears, Ophelia cloche, mermaid helmet,
-Young spring prints-Henry Rosenfeld, Paula Brooks, J.L.F. Original.
Jewel by Richelieu

People and Ideas
-Malraux...France's literary strong man. This still faithful de Gaullist and enemy of the Communists has lived action, now is writing his massive Psychology of article by the English poet, author of European Witness. By Stephen Spender
-"Femininity, the trap." Equal in law, unequal in the minds of both sexes, the status of women in a world that still believes in the fable of the "eternal feminine," examined by a French writer-philosopher. By Simone de Beauvoir
-Mrs. Ernest Beaton, of London. Mother of the talented designer-artist-
photographer, Cecil Beaton. Suit and ball gown by Charles James.
Photographed against a background from the Wildenstein Galleries.
-Vogue Spotlight...
Franz Kafka, John Gielgud, Joan Miro, Donald Wolfit
John Cage; The Ballet Society Collaborators-George Balanchine, John
Taras, William Dollar, Rudi Revil, Kurt Seligmann, Joan Junyer, Leon
Barzin, Esteban Frances, and Todd Bolender
-Funniest woman in England - Hermione Gingold, revue star of "Sweetest and
Lowest." her feet, her figure, her eyes, change in character. Photos
with Hermione as a British Wren, As a bathing girl, as a Duchess,
and as Mlle. Fifi. Photo by Coffin
-Entertaining elements

Illustrations: Count Rene Bouet Willaumez, Dagmar Freuchen-Gale, Edwin Georgi, Salvador Dali, Eric, R.R. Bouche, McCulh

Photographers: Horst, Irving Penn, Balkin, Cecil Beaton, John Rawlings, Horst, Coffin, Blumenfeld, Frances McLaughlin, Haanel Cassidy, Baker, Joffe, Richard Avedon, Anton Bruehl

Ads: Wamsutta, Bergdorf Goodman, Gorham Sterlings, Traina-Norell at Bonwit Teller with photo by Richard Avedon, Henri Bendel with photos by John Rawlings, Monte-Sano & Pruzan with photo by John Rawlings, Monte Santo at Saks Fifth Avenue with illustration by R.R. Bouche, Peck and Peck suit with photo by Palumbo, L.S. Ayres & Co., Crown Room Collection by Prince Matchabelli, Monte Sano suit in Pacific Craft Fabric, Deitsch reptile bags, Miron Woolens with hat by John-Frederics, Forstmann 100% Virgin Wool, I.Magnin & Co with photo by Horst at the Vogue Studio, Frederick & Nelson, Le Dany by D'Orsay, Breathless by Charbert, Pattullo at Jay Thorpe, "Vicki" by Pandora Footwear, Anthony Blotta with John Frederics hat, Textron, Onondaga's American Artists Series Print...William Palmer's "Horses in Corral" in a costume by Brownie in Enka Rayon with photo by Baker at Vogue Studio-hat by John-Frederics, Mrs. Ellen Tuck Astor attends the Musicians' Fund Opera-benefit for Pond's vanishing cream, Nodle Nylons photo by Joffe, Brigance design in Duplex fabric, Rentner designs, "Eight Thirty" perfume by Maurice Rentner's, Maurice Rentner's elbow-hugging "enveloppe" suit, Swansdown, Mindelle, Paulette by Pandora Footwear, Suit by Joseph Halpert with photo by Richard Avedon, Premier hand crafted shoes by Sander Bros., Le Roy Soleil perfume by Elsa Schiaparelli illustrated by Salvador Dali, Twenty-ones footwear by Barret Shoe Co., Van Raalte-stockings- underthings-gloves, Koret alligator bags, Goodall Fabrics, Winthrop Mills, L. Bamberger & Co., "Fairy-tale" nylons by Bryans with illustration by Salvador Dali, Baynham's Shoe created by Jerro, Sid Jerome two-piece dress, Stroock woolens, Firestone contro,Jolles orginal bags, Jo Copeland of Pattullo at Bonwit Teller, Botany brand fabrics, "Dancing Twin" stockings illustration by R.R. Bouche, Martha Manning dress in smart fern print, Elise Daniels in a Vincent Coppola's belted-yoke coat, prints by United, 20 carats by Dana, Sacony, Lecie's spring duet hat, Raymond Marinelli original...hat by John-Frederics, De De Johnson, "Veil of Youth" corselettes by Warner's, Serbin Golfer, Vinylite plastics-Bakelite Corporation, Koret handbags illustrated by Bobri, Connie Foster two-piece classic, Lily of France girdle and bra, Korrect Coat Company, Delman shoes, Corday, "Advertising Manager" painted by Ben Stahl, Hockanum illustration by Edwin Georgi, Brock & Co., Elizabeth Arden illustrated by R.R.Bouche, Hughes brushes, Asuma by Coty illustrated by Eric, star of the evening - gloves by dawnelle, McCulh, Liquid cleanser by Frances Denney, Desert Flower by Leigh portrait by Audrey Buller, Art-Flex Fashions, Van Dell, Arisette gloves, Marlboro Cigarettes, Palladium, Heirlooms Sterlings photo by Anton Bruehl, Angel Face By Pond's with quote by Mrs. Ernest du Pont, Jr.; Mrs. John A. Roosevelt and Mrs. Francis Grover Cleveland, Nestle Opalescent Creme Wave with gown A Milgrim Original, Canada -Canadian Government Travel Bureau, Nu-Fashion Underwear, Yvonne de Carlo for Scheherazade perfume by Priess, Reed & Barton Sterling Silver, rhinestone jewels by Leo Glass and Company, Rayon Fabric illustrated by Burton, Magid handbags, Tweedie footwear, Anne Mitchell Originals, Kestenman Bros, H.W. Gossard, David Crystal for Bates Fabrics.

1 inch chipped from top of spine. 1 inch front and back cover tear along spine from bottom.

250 pages

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