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Seventeen March 1967 Sally Murdoch Beauty Routine of Twiggy


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Seventeen March 1967. On the cover: A whisper of spring magic: abracadabra - and lilac blooms in a sheer and flyaway dress of Dacron and cotton voile, softly circled at the neck, falling away into jets of pleating. And there's more sorcery in those sweeping butterfly sleeves by Jonathan Logan Petite. Marvella earrings, Freirich pin. Model is Sally Murdoch. Photo by Carmen Schiavone.

Editor-in-Chief: Enid H. Haupt

What You Wear
-Kaleidoscope '67: New Fashions for Spring- MORE PRINTS this spring, in a whirlwind of a daring designs! and Make-up color
-Here's a New Crinkle
-There's a Good Sport
-Whiz-along knits
-Dazzle is for Tops
-Razzle is for Skirts
-The Greenhouse Girls - Costume in prints that promise spring
-Mini News Flashes - lingeries illustrated by Garie Blackwell
- Moroccan Delights
-The Tile Prints
-The Moroccan Milles Fleurs - milles fleurs cover-ups
-The Byzantine Stripes - colors from exotic places stripe knits to help you put the sun in the shade.
-The Dervish Shirts
-The Square Root
-The Flowers that Bloom in Spring
-Slimmer Little Things in the Underworld
-The Honor Guard

How You Look and Feel
-Twiggy: The Private Beauty Routines of Twiggy (Lesley Hornby): New Top Model
-Hairdos of the Month

-No Boy, I'm a Girl! by Marian Rieth
-The Italian Violinist by Jane Pattison

You the Reader
-I Fell in Love with Kibbutzniks by Susan Lo Bello
-The Teen Scene
-Face to Face with a Busy Boutique-Owner - Mona Millet of Minneapolis, Minnesota

English Fox Captures Hollywood!
With a song and dance and rampant charm, James Fox makes a triumphant visit by Edwin Miller

Photographers: Carmen Schiavone, Rik Van Glintenkamp, Joseph Santoro

Ads: Sandler Shoes, Clariol Make-Up for Blondes, Head & Shoulders Shampoo, Moon Drops "Blushing Silk" and "Wet Lipstick" by Revlon, Chanel No.5, Stevcoknit, "Clear and Lovely" by Helena Rubinstein, Maverick Jeans by Blue Bell, Inc., 'Silk of Intimate' fragance by Revlon, the Sun Sheers by Max Factor-fashions by Renee Firestone, miss pat, Estee Lauder, Summer Blonde by Clariol, Schiaparelli wathces, Kayser's Panty Hose, 'Natural Wonder' Medicated Makeup by Revlon, India Ink Prints by R.C. Quinn, Paramount Pictures presents...Easy Come, Easy Go with Elvis Presley, Cutex lipstics, Ladybug clothes, Connie Shoes, Promesse by Max Factor, Jonathan Logan photoed at TWA, Tweed by Lentheric, Kayser, Kodel polyester fiber-Mindy Malone dresses and A'n R Jr., Jean Nate, aileen, Color & Contour kit by Clairol Cosmetics, teenform Tiki Tote, Shire-Tex by Davenshire, Celanese fortrel swimwear, Dorothy Gray lauches Navy Pink-winged hat by Mr. John, Sheer Beauty by Helene Curtis, Safari Outfit by Donnkenny, Sensations by International Shoe Company, Gay Gibson's Regatta Stripes in Smooth-Sailing Dacron, Clarity by Germaine Monteil, Keds Shoe,Lady Wrangler for wreal sportswear, Springmaid of the Month is Model Gai Wright, Cover Girl Shoe Company, Bonne Bell Guide to Blushing, McCall Patterns with Collen Corby, Cannon Stretch Cantrece Stockings, Jantzen Smile Girls in Stevcoknit: Lynda Dregalla, Roberta Smiley, Paula Hicks, Sanna Saare, Sweetree Girl, David and David makers of The Couture Collection of Celanses Acetate Hairpieces, Miss America Shoes by Brown Shoe Company, Yes by fortuna, Thermo-Jac is inspired the art of Stevcoknit, Beauty Mist Cantrece Stockings, Avisco Fibers, International cover girl, Lotte Dessau for Cover Girl medicated make-up by Noxzema, "in" sportswear circuit by Monsanto Textile Divison,pHisoHex skin, Jeanie by Blue Bell, Mr. Thomson and Lady Berkleigh for Cototon, Roxanne, Youthquake's Betsy Johnson choses Alamac's permathal everglaze cotton knit, Dune Deck, mini-mini stripe in Orlon by Glenora, Almay - earrings by Kenneth Lane, The Swoon Suit by Cole Jr, Bay Club Junior, Jergens Clear complexion Gel, Joyce in Dacron polyster, White Stag, Vanity Fair with photo by Bert Stern, Nice 'N Icy by Smartee-jewelry by Charles Elkiam-Culottes from Gotham Lingerie Boutique Collection by Montenero, The American Girl shoe, His is hers

1 inch chipped from top of spine.

242 pages

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